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Fingerprint password smart mini gun safe OS389FC Toughguy

Unique feature
Super B-level anti-theft security copper cylinder, mutual opening rate as low as 1/100,000, which is 1/100-200 of other safe, the best and only one in gun safe industrySemiconductor fingerprint chip is produced by Apple's supplier, the world-renowned high-tech company BYD
Rigorously selected geared motor, with high overload capacity, high energy saving, and a service life of 10,800 times, ensuring stable operation of the motor for 29.5 yearsBuilt-in 2500mah 18650 ternary lithium battery (ternary lithium is the most expensive and best 18650 battery material), life is up to 800 charge-discharge or 15 years (cheap battery  has only 1-2 years life)
Cold rolled steel from fortune world's top 500 companies Baosteel to ensure qualitySuper fingerprint reader,scratches of knife doesn’t affect identification
The fingerprint chip will unlock safe within 0.5 secondsFingerprint+code dual authentication access function, verify fingerprint and code at the same time to unlock
Fingerprint, password, fingerprint+password, metal key 4 unlocking methods As many as 150 users
Pop-up door12*12mm super large area fingerprint recognition module
The noise of opening the safe is only 68 decibels, making it safer to retrieve the gun at nighton silent modeSupport up to 46656 combinations
Smart and cute,can be placed in a drawer, under the car seat, in a backpack or luggageFingerprint module resolution up to 508DPI
Matte black surface, elegant and generousEco-friendly & kids friendly coating dried at 185℃365℉ ),protect the safe from rust
Coating on inside and outside surface , 360 degree beautiful without dead cornersWhen the voltage is lower than 3.5V, the system will flash the light to prompt charging
Built-in blue lighting inside the box, will not dazzle the eyesLarge space, you can put 1-2 pistols
Backlight keypadThe fingerprint module has a breathing aperture, which serves as a reminder when setting it, and also makes the safe more beautiful
Equipped with an anti-cutting steel cable with a diameter of 4mm(5/32'' dia & 4.1 feet longth ), with a tensile strength as high as 1500kg (3300Lb)2 Predrilled holes in the bottom for easy mounting on the wall or inside the cabinet
Hidden prying-resistant hingecan't be destroyed from the outsideBuilt-in anti-prying steel wall on 3 sides of safe to prevent forced opening
The thickness of the steel is 1.9mm (14 Gauge)The cylinder is made of high quality pure copper & other safes on market use zinc alloy cylinder
The safe can work for 2.5 years with one charge (it is recommended to charge once every 6 months to maintain battery activity)The circuit board still works normally at - 30℃-22°F to 70 ℃158°F
USB TYPE-C charger port, compatible with all Android smartphonesUltra-low power design, power consumption is only 60 μA per day
High-density sponge, the gram weight reaches 32kg/M32 Lb/ft3, the gram weight of counterpart products is generally 20kg/M3(1.2 Lb/ft3)The inner wall of the safe is covered with sponges on all six sides to prevent the guns from being scratched
TSA-APPROVED,Put the firearm in the safe,put it in checked luggage,legally carry the firearm on planeNo need to replace batteries for 15 years, which is equivalent to using 60 dry batteries less, contributing to environmental protection
Silent mode, in this mode, the button and fingerprint prompts will be shielded, and you can quietly open the safe at night when you encounter danger


* Battery   2500mah  18650 Ternary lithium battery  
*Battery life  800 charge and discharge (15 years)  
*Battery voltage  3.7v  
*Battery charging time  3h  
*Recommended charging interval  6 months  
*Static power  60μA  
*Dynamic power consumption  3ma  
*Battery run time  2.5 years  
*Overcharge protection voltage  4.25v  
*Low voltage alarm  less than 3.5v  
*Unlocking methods  Password,fingerprint,[fingerprint+password dual authentication],manual key  
*User quantity  Password 50,fingerprint 50,fingerprint+password 50  
*Digital longth  6  
*Number of passwords  46656  
*Charger port  USB TYPE-C  
*Fingerprint module resolution  508DPI  
*Fingerprint feedback time  0.5S  
*Steel plate thickness  1.9mm(14Gauge)  
*Steel rope diameter & Longth  4mm(5/32'' ) & 104mm(4.1 ft)  
*Tensile strength of steel cable  1500kg(3300Lbs)  
*Working temperature range  -30℃~70℃(-22℉~158℉)  
*Motor life  10800 times,29.5 years  
*Fingerprint chip supplier  BYD  
*Fingerprint window size  12*12mm(0.47‘*0.47‘’)  
*Sponge density  32kg/M3(2 Lb/ft3)  
*Exterior dimensions  68(H) x 234 (W) x300 (L) MM(2.6 x 9.2 x 11.8'')  
*Interior dimensions  65(H) x 177 (W) x297 (L) MM(2.5 x 6.9 x 11.7'')  
*Net weight   3.5kg(7.7Lbs)  
*Working voltage  3.5-4.2V  


Product packing box size  332x266x97mm(13x10.5x3.8'')  
Weight/product packing  4.2kg  
Carton size  352 x 286 x505cm(13.8x11.3x19.8'')  
Pcs/Carton  5 pcs  
Gross weight/Carton  22kg(48.4lbs)